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Welcome to Mitchell County Young Marines


Mitchell County Young Marines was established in July 2017 with Master Sgt. Lowman in command as the instructor. 


Young Marines is a youth program for boys and girls focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy drug-free lifestyle.  Students will learn general subjects such as Young Marine history, US history, customs and courtesies, close order drills, physical fitness, and military structure. The Young Marines program exist to teach students to have self-discipline, a love for their country, and a desire to help the community. Students in the Young Marine program are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities such as the Annual 5k, Presentation of Colors at the football games and local parades. 






Drug Demand Reduction Dash- October 19, 2019 

Young Marines held a Drug Demand Reduction Dash (DDR) 5K event as part of Substance Abuse Prevention Month. The event was held on October 19, 2019, at 0800 EST.