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Georgia Southern's Center for Wildlife Education Team Visit MCMS

On March 7, 2018, Georgia Southern's Center for Wildlife Education Team came to Mitchell County Middle School and presented an animal exhibition. The Wild Life Team presented the animals and the information in a humorous and informative way.  The exhibition featured a menagerie of animals including birds of prey, reptiles, fun creepy crawlers and more. The students had an awesome time!

In Awe! By: F. Quimbley

As our Mitchell Middle School students are developing, growing and quickly adapting to ever ending change, it is essential that we afford them the opportunity to travel other avenues in “Education.” Our new Art class, led by Ms. C. Delk has truly been an eye-opening experience for students, faculty and staff, and visitors. Every time I enter the MCMS, my eyes are saturated with creativity. The students in Ms. Delk’s art class are bringing the walls and ceiling to life. Art makes you think, it takes you places and it forces you into “Awe”!
Picture by student

Student Centered Learning Environment

Formative Assessments are diagnostic assessments that are a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment. Ms. S. Williams and Ms. O. Morman, teachers of 6th grade math, in an effort to increase student growth by 10%, have developed a student centered learning environment that addresses the individual needs of students based on the data collected from formative and summative data. ......
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In The Spotlight

Mitchell County School System's Goals:

Goal #1:  Curriculum - Focus on mastery of the material

Goal #2:  Literacy - Improve Lexile levels and overall reading comprehension

Goal #3:  Behavior - Improve non-cognitive/academic behaviors and increase student engagement

Goa l#4:  Transparency - Increase stakeholder engagement and collaboration
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