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Teacher of the Year

Sheba Bora-Isaiah
2022-2023  Mitchell County Middle School Teacher of the Year
and Mitchell County School System's Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Isaiah is a PEC teacher for grades 5-7. She is passionate about helping her students achieve great success in the classroom. Mrs. Isaiah helps her students build skills that help them problem solve classroom tasks and activities. Some of her students are part of the morning announcement team and provide weekly news updates to MCMS students. Her work in the PEC classroom was recently rewarded again as she was chosen as the 2022-2023 Mitchell County School System Teacher of the Year. She will represent our School System at the state-wide Teacher of the Year competition. 
Ms. Sheba Isaiah was has worked at the middle school in the Mitchell County School System for the past five years.  She received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Osmania University, with her Master’s in Special Education.   Ms. Isaiah believes her greatest contribution is that she “has a passion to make a difference in the lives of children with different abilities…as a teacher she wishes to see her students excel in their skills.”   With 14 years of experience, Ms. Isaiah has always had a heart for working with children with special needs and their families.  This was her first year teaching in a self-contained classroom and she loved it!  She loves to spend time with children, which is why she chose teaching as her profession.  Ms. Isaiah believes some “qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and patience. “  She creates productive and responsible citizens of tomorrow by explaining, engaging, and helping her students understand unfamiliar and sometimes difficult topics.  As a self-contained teacher, she teaches students who have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. One of her main goals is to expose her students to real-life events in order to help them become more independent for their everyday needs.      According to Ms. Isaiah, “training her students to become independent while they are in her classroom is challenging, but she believes it will positively impact the student’s behavior by changing their own perspective of their abilities…while also teaching staff and adults not to underestimate them because of their disabilities.”
Marc Logue
2021-2022 Mitchell County Middle School Teacher of the Year
Logue TOTY
Mr. Logue, known as Coach Logue around campus, is a 6th Grade Math teacher. His students love that he is relatable and fun. He uses real world situations to show students the importance of learning math and creates a classroom environment that is welcoming. Even students who would not choose math as their favorite subject love going to Coach Logue's class. After school you can find him at the football or baseball fields coaching student athletes and sharing his love of Eagle sports.
Laura Santos
2019-2020 Mitchell County Middle School Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Santos is a 5th Grade ELA teacher at Mitchell County Middle School. She has a passion for teaching and loves each student who walks into her classroom. Mrs. Santos teaches ELA using a variety of strategies and her students love the engaging environment. Students enjoy reading novels from a variety of genres. They also enjoy discussing the plot structures and providing character analysis through several hands on activities. Mrs. Santos caring demeanor and love for students and colleagues makes her a perfect representative for MCMS. Congratulations Mrs. Santos! 
Dwan Williams
2018-2019 Mitchell County Middle School Teacher of the Year
D. Williams
Mrs. Williams has a knack for bringing science to life in her 7th grade classroom. She is always looking for fun and creative ways to use technology to enhance her classroom lessons. Whether students are learning how the heart beats or building DNA structures, her students are always engaged in active learning fun. She treats her students and colleagues with respect and is one of the first people in the building sought out for help with technology and fun teaching strategies. Her willingness to be a team player is just one of the many reasons she was chosen as MCMS teacher of the year!