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Second Meeting A Success
On Thursday, January 19, 2017, the middle school hosted its second Academic Parent-Teacher Team (APTT) meeting. Mr. S. Colbert opened the meeting by welcoming parents and reiterated the system’s focus and goals. Everything we do is driven by four (4) main goals: curriculum – 150 things students must master each year in each subject; improve Lexile's and reading comprehension; improve non-cognitives/academic behaviors; improve transparency – PBIS and APTT. Ms. D. Toombs and Mrs. F. Hill facilitated a group activity in an effort to help develop relationships between families and teachers. The middle school’s foundational skill of focus for this year is social studies; each grade level is concentrating on common themes, events, and vocabulary that will help increase mastery. During breakout sessions, parents met with teachers in their classrooms to receive their child’s social studies pre-test data and Lexile scores. At the end of the evening, parents participated in a “Lexile Walk” (hallway). Parents were able to review their student’s progress in relation to his/her classmates by viewing a grade level chart with each student’s score posted in the hallway.