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Grade 5

Welcome to the 5th Grade. We are excited about the 2019-2020 School Year.
Social Studies: Mrs. J. Bush

The Fifth Grade Standards of Excellence in Social Studies begin with Industrialization and ends with the Digital Age. General overview of the history standards include the Turn of the Century (SSH51), World War I and Post-World War I (SS5H2), the Great Depression and New Deal (SS5H3), World War II (SS5H4), the Cold War (SS5H5), Important People, Events, and Developments of 1950-1975 (SS5H6), and Important Developments between 1975-2001 (SS5H7). In addition to these history standards, students will also explore the geographic, economic, and government and civic connections to each.

Science: Mrs. D. Manville
Physical Science: Landforms

ELA & Reading: Mrs. Santos
Prepositions, Writing an opinion piece, & Daily Reading with assessing comprehension (Reading Horizons)

Mathematics: Mrs. G. Jones
Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
Support Class: Mr. Rivera
It is sometimes difficult to process and understand concepts the first time so this class serves as a"2nd chance" at mastering standards. In this Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) class, students are from their exploratory classes and revisit the lesson they didn't master. Mr. Rivera uses different techniques and strategies to further their knowledge on that particular standard.  The smaller class size of 8 or less also provides the differentiated instruction that students need to really grasp and master the concept.